Manufacturing Premium Porcelain Tableware Requires,


With over 1500 devoted employees, Porland has been focused on pushing the limits of our industry since 1992.


In order to receive consistency,
it is mandatory to have strong purpose.
From production to retail and after sales,
at Porland it is important to keep all our values in line.

And Discipline.

Devotion, Determination and Discipline.

These are key attributes for the artistic dance form, Ballet.

Therefore, we have chosen ballerina as our logo.

In order to reflect the grace and harmony of our performance.

Porland stands for PORcelain LAND, which represents certainty for being at the right place.

What drives us? ''The appreciation and comments we receive from our customers, as a ballerina would from the applause from the crowds.''

Attention to detail and precision on quality.

Porland offers, variety of products in different forms, colors and designs for every use and ethnicity.

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